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Duluth is a up and coming scene for local music. It has pumped out national acts like Trampled by Turtles but now its time for the DJs to take over. Duluth has produced; Big Dog, Risky Fingers, and DJ AD. The photo here is of DJ AD and is dedication to music but most importantly Superdry. DJ AD known to the crowd but Keith to his friends is a regular DJ at the hottest spots in Duluth! Not only is DJ AD wearing Superdry headphones when he is spinning the hottest tunes around the city. He also loves his Superdry Windcheater that is perfect for the variable spring weather of Duluth. 


Brad Bedford

Study Help!

So last week most of the seniors left UMD for their final time. They worked out their last homework problem, and printed their last paper. So Superdry wanted to give some of those lucky study freaks some help studying for the final push. These headphones should do the trick! But don’t fret, if you didn’t get your headphones you can get your shot on Thursday at the Mall of America Superdry Graduation event!!!


Swag. On UMD’s Campus tomorrow.

Dear my beloved followers,

Alright people; I’ve had TONS of you who haven’t got your Superdry USA clothes yet… Well tomorrow… YOU ALL HAVE A CHANCE!!! Come to the Superdry table outside the bookstore between 10 and 2 tomorrow for your shot to get the superest of the driest swag.

So here’s the exact details… I’m going to have ALL the swag I’m giving out at the table tomorrow. There will also be TONS of free stickers and discount cards for everyone who comes up to the table!

What you have to do for your first entry is; prove to me that you’ve liked Superdry USA on facebook.

What you have to do for your second entry is; tweet, post, or update your status saying that you are entered to win FREE Superdry clothes at the UMD table.

I will announce the winners through a tumblr post here on this page!

Here are just a few of the items I’m giving away tomorrow!

Also for all of you who are not going to be at UMD tomorrow, stay tuned for Regan, Tyler, Krystal and I’s GRADUATION event at the Mall of America Superdry location… Lets just say its going to be a day where everyone can get a graduation present. Even if you don’t graduate until 2013 (like me!).

Thanks for following!


Bradley P. Bedford

Time to graduate?

With graduation setting in less than 2 weeks away for most of the seniors of UMD, I thought I would show you all the perfect thing to wear underneath that cap & gown. Or what to wear at your graduation celebration, but most importantly, where to shop for your future nights on the town with that big salary and bonus check. 

The obvious choice is SUPERDRY!!!!

This polo is the color of the summer. Not pink, but rather coral pink. It’s the most awesome color ever. Trust me.

Sunglasses? Nope. Stunna-shades.

I’m not gonna describe this link. You’ll have to find out yourself.

Yours Truly,

Bradley Peter Bedford


Being a Superdry Ambassador is a really tough job. We get paid to wear clothes, AND our friends get to wear the clothes too. The Superdry brand is something so unique it can really sell itself but they hired us to get the word out to people. We have had so many students come up to us and thank us for introducing this amazing clothing company to them. That’s the real rewarding part. WE LOVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK. 

Something that’s even more awesome is that Superdry is selecting a whole new class of ambassadors from our University next semester! If you think this is something that you would love to do, send us an email at or come find Brad or I and let us know you’re interested. It really is an amazing experience!

Superdry Raffle at Red Carnation Ball

The guests of Tau Kappa Epsilon’s spring banquet all were entered into a raffle for a chance to win some new Superdry Swag! Here are some photos of the winners and of course Brad Bedford & Regan Hartley as the Masters of Ceremonies. Look for you next chance to win some Superdry stuff either at Phi Sigma Sigma’s spring banquet or other events happening around Duluth!

-Brad Bedford & Regan Hartley

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