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Study Help!

So last week most of the seniors left UMD for their final time. They worked out their last homework problem, and printed their last paper. So Superdry wanted to give some of those lucky study freaks some help studying for the final push. These headphones should do the trick! But don’t fret, if you didn’t get your headphones you can get your shot on Thursday at the Mall of America Superdry Graduation event!!!


Finals Relief

So last Wednesday some awesome people at the University of Minnesota Duluth entered into a drawing for some free superdry clothing! Well here are the winners of those clothes!

The two grand prize winners of Supedry Windcheaters!

The winners of the branded Superdry T-shirts! 

The winners of the awesome Superdry Sandals!

Overall there were over 200 entries for these AWESOME clothing items! Congratulations to the lucky winners! We even had a few people come to the event wearing their own Superdry clothing!

Hope all of you can make it to our next upcoming event… The Superdry Graduation event!!!!

Also be on the look out for some free headphones at UMD library to help you zone in on those finals!

Your favorite person ever!

-Brad Bedford

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